Targets will enhance not replace your workforce

Targets allows companies to monitor, analyze and forecast the sales operations much efficiently and highly productive manner. Schemes and discounts are automatically applied while the order is taken or a sale is performed. Salesmen have the visibility of their productivity and performance. The solution automates the sales working by providing the better and timely visibility.

Cloud based server helps in effective use of the solution on the go and it also can be integrated to third party applications or enterprise solutions. Superior design and built-in architecture allows customizing the application to suit specific requirements.

Secondary Sales tracking is essential to organizations with a widespread distribution chain where proper credit control is important, demand is seasonal or products are perishable.

Targets is a Secondary Sales Tracking Solution that lets you track sales and distributor's inventory and receivables in real- time. This has helped reduce stock-outs and manage distributor and customer credit.

Targets helps in dispatch planning by tracking secondary sales (sales by Distributors) and calculating stock levels at the distributor. This provides visibility into seasonal changes in consumer demand. This information can be used to improve production planning and reduce procurement costs.

Targets is an Enterprise Mobility Solution - powered by Ivy Interactive's cutting edge technology platform provides flexible process management capabilities and analytics which can be configured and generated on the fly providing great decision support for executive management.